Kate is available to speak and teach workshops on the following topics:Kate is available to speak and teach workshops on the following topics:

  • Trauma Transformation 2020
  • Five Keys to Healing Yourself
  • Your Family Your Community, and Our World (can be modified for professionals or peer groups)
  • Trauma Informed Schools
  • Trauma Informed Communities
  • Healing Trauma in Native American Communities (including schools)
  • Psychotherapy in the Psychedelic Medicine Renaissance
  • Integration of Altered State Experiences

Speaking:  I am available for conferences, podcasts, and other speaking engagements.

I offer everything from Tune-Ups that can be done in just a few minutes, to multi-day Exploration and Transformation Retreats designed to address deeply held patterns.
What I don’t do is sessions that end when the clock says our hour is up, and send you out to “hold onto that for next week”. Once charged material is brought to light, we will work together to make sure you end up feeling a sense of resolution on that step. This provides a foundation of safety, and protective defenses are likely to allow the next layer to emerge for healing.


Targeted Trauma Transformation

Perhaps you know that one or more painful events happened to you and life hasn’t been quite the same since. Possibly you’re aware of triggers that seem related to the past, although they affect present situations. Or maybe your childhood was filled with unhealthy patterns, along particularly disturbing incidents that stand out. Any of these scenarios is likely to respond to appropriate top quality trauma resolution techniques.
Once we identify an incident or theme, such as a thought pattern, intrusive image, emotion, or sensation, we can choose an approach that will allow it to be processed and resolved. This often results in a sense of having reclaimed energies or parts of the younger self that felt stuck in that time.


Ancestral, Historical, and Intergenerational Trauma

Just because we experience a thought or feeling doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ours. These patterns may have originated at another place and time, passed down through epigenetics (which we are just starting to understand) or some unknown mechanism. There are ways to release these influences—with no particular beliefs required.

Sessions and programs can be designed to address relationship struggles, or to simply gain greater clarity. Relationships are fertile ground for personal growth, and most of us could benefit from expanding our perspectives around them. Couples work is an option, and I’m happy to share tools that I’ve found effective.


Spiritual Emergence and Integration

If you are seeking to resolve distress, answer questions, and fully receive gifts of wisdom related to challenging spiritual or psychedelic experiences, let’s talk. I’ve been on the MAPS.org Integration list until it was recently retired, and did five years of psychedelic risk reduction work with MAPS at Burning Man. I’m currently in their training to prepare for MDMA becoming a prescription medicine as soon as 2021.


Ready for a Deep Dive?

Have you had months or even years of therapy and, while some of it was helpful, you question whether it can ever get to the core of what you are looking for? You may want to consider a Gateway Ranch Exploration and Transformation Retreat. These are custom designed, using all of the tools and resources available, to help you reach your desired outcomes.
Sessions and retreats usually take place at the Gateway Ranch, although other arrangements may be possible.

Ranch Photos: see Photo folder


On Your Team

Humans are complex! I’ve been doing my own work since picking up a book on self-hypnosis in 1966. After Out-of-Body experiences started a few years later, my mother sent me to a therapist. He had no idea what “those weird things” were, but told me to give myself a hypnotic suggestion that they would stop. The suggestion worked…. until I ran across a copy of Journeys Out of the Body, but that’s another story. The point is, I’ve been taking advantage of professional help, with widely varying results, for a good long time.

I haven’t run out of layers and angles to explore, so I’m not expecting that you will either. However, the specific things that most people see therapists for can often be resolved in hours rather than years of therapy. I believe it’s realistic to expect to see positive changes, if not outright miracles, after each session.
I realize that this isn’t yet the norm in mental health services. My clients often come in with a tale of minimally helpful, and even damaging therapy, and sometimes a history of medication that covered the symptoms at best, while leaving the roots of their distress untouched. But let me make it clear that I’m not on a rant against psychiatric medications. I’m sure they’re helpful, possibly life saving, for some people. If you’re on any kind of medication, this will come up during our assessment time so please prepare to be clear about what you are taking and what affects you have experienced. Making changes in a prescription requires knowledgeable support from your doctor.


Next Step

A 20 minute consultation call, at no charge, is available to answer your questions and get a sense of whether it could be a good fit to work together. Contact kate@ttn.org with a message that tells me a bit about your interests, and we’ll schedule a time to talk.